About Sdkbin

Sdkbin is a product built and developed by Petabridge, the company behind popular open source technologies such as Akka.NET, NBench, and more.

A Marketplace for Developer Products and Services

For years now we've been selling enterprise business-to-developer products such as Phobos the old fashioned way:

  • Build a dedicated product website;
  • Create tutorials, quick-starts, and extensive documentation;
  • Host an order form - manually process invoices and free evaluations;
  • Provision products via NuGet feeds manually to each customer or evaluation user;
  • Follow up via email to see how the evaluation is going;
  • Try to get the order;
  • and
  • Repeat.

This process is extremely labor-intensive, error-prone, difficult to measure, and thus difficult to maintain and improve.

We created Sdkbin to solve these problems both for ourselves and for every other developer who wants to sell their products and services to customers globally.

How Can I Sell My Products and Services on Sdkbin?

At the moment Petabridge is in the process of "dogfooding" Sdkbin with its own customers and products - there's a lot of complexities, user experience issues, billing preferences, bugs (probably,) and lots of other unknown unknown issues we want to work out so we can make the service as great as possible for third party publishers.

If you're interested in getting updates on the latest changes to our platform, please subscribe to the Sdkbin mailing list.